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move on

We move. For style reasons and trackbacks :). oh and g00gle sux.
the raving precarious nomads have to move on from time to time anyways.
So from now on, you'll find us here:

yours forever,
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Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008

short news from Sonica Electronic music festival

Sonica is an eco friendly jurney into the future , a brainstorm of contemorary art, music and culture. It was a good surprise to see that the Sonica Festival will take place again this summer. The coordination group already announce the dates for this year. So get prepared , organize your trip and lets go to the warm south for some days of fun. The exactly dates of the festival this year 31/7 till 3/8. A diversity of djs will play also this year creating a good environment of electronic vibes , rave and contemporary arts. So far the location is not announced yet on the website of the festival , that possibly will give you a motivation to have your eyes open.

Visiting Sonica festival was always a good experience. The previous edition took place in La Specia, a small north italian city who combines gorgeous forests and the sea near by. The music line up of the past edition was more or less based in a smart combination of trance concepts with minimal , techno and other styles. For five days djs and systems from all around the world in two stages (the main stage and alternative stage) offered to the crowd their best sounds and dj skills.

This year some of the names are already announced here

*the upcoming days i will write something about my working and party experience there ..

love peace and unity


Montag, 29. Dezember 2008


only one day after one of our angry party comrades wrote h(A)te on that metal canvas, it appears on the blog of "hate" magazine. if we were famous, you now could score big in taking down that sign and put it up on ebay. but we're not.

hate magazine seems to be nice, so check it out. it's german only unfortunatelly... some texts may seem familiar from that must-read blog crisco-connection, i hope it's not due to the magazine that the blog doesn't get updated any more.

"since writing on toilet walls is done neither for critical acclaim, nor for financial rewards, it is the purest form of art." seen here

a short traveling report from Budapest by s.n

* Traveling around Europe is an exiting experience. These days we visit Budapest. Budapest , a beautiful eastern European capital as well as the capital of the live music. Walking in the center of the city it is awesome, with old buildings from the 19th century and a smell from the "langos" (a traditional recipe of fried bread). The cultural events in Budapest are increasing essentially as well. Tuz Rakter in the center is one of the most important cultural centers of the city*

The Tuzrakter Independent Cultural Centre, which is backed up by the Art Sector Foundation, had opened its doors on the 23rd of June in 2005, in a previously abandoned 10000 square meters factory building in Budapest's Tuzolto street.

As an opened cultural space, we organized programmes day by day in summer periods, that included a very wide spectrum of fine and performed arts. We also work as a creative centre by giving the opportunities to as many creative projects as we can. Musicians, theatre companies can use spaces for practising, artists can create studios in our building.

We are constantly trying to keep these opportunities free or as cheap as possible. We do the same with our programmes entry fees. The Cultural Centre is, due to these two main functions a place where the cultural products are not only shown but created. We also would like to improve our educational work. Thanks to its great publicity Tuzrakter became a meeting point, where before isolated activities can meet the mass public.

Tuzrakter is an absolutely civilian initiative, the organizers work as volunteers despite of the sometimes troubled circumstances.In the first two years of functioning we managed to have texhibitions of 180 artists, including a corporation with the Hungarian Academy of Arts, theatre shows, contemporary dance performances, concerts from jazz, world music to blues and punk, musicians from all over the world, circus shows, artistic performances, literature evenings, academic presentments, festivals, fashion shows

Many foreign artists have visited our centre, from Cuba, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Venezuela, Canada, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia.

We organized festivals specially dedicated to show t blink of contemporary culture of different countries, like the BeEst Estonian Festival, we had international film festivals, like the Moviemento European Short Film screenings. Most of the artists performed for free on these events, so they also added up a piece of building areal communal and public place.

In 2006 we continued our work, constantly improving our technical background by providing better sound and lighting techniques, and professional technicians. We also could manage to provide financial backing for many of our visiting artists.

Concentrating on cooperation with different international and Hungarian institutions, we still work for our main aim, supporting young creative people, and bridging social and cultural gaps.

After the two years spent in our last place, Tuzrakter is now moving to a new building. We are discussing the possibilities of using more buildings at the same time, some of them temporarily, with the local governments of Budapest. Our goal is to make our project real long-term, and to create a well-working example of civilian cultural initiatives.

In point of fact Tuzrakter is not a building, but an intention, that can affiliate parallel projects, and cooperate with different kinds of initiations as in Hungary as on the international scene.

Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2008

that night in berlin city 4

the wounds will heal...

let me tell you about yesterdays party, in this mad place they call berlin city...

starting the evening at the vegetarian organic fastfood diner yellow sunshine. then quickly moving on to a hardcore concert in subversiv (brunnenstr. 7) of the high society (plus "lights out") the audience was in a weird state, nobody dancing really, but the band was astonishing. then we moved over to another place, just across the street: ballast der republik (brunnenstr. 183) for another punk concert and their great bar. since the night was young, we formed a spontanous hardcore formation ourselves and started a half-hour jam session. my fingers started bleeding at the first "song". we gave up very fast, too much turbomate (club mate with wodka) in our blood and not enought talent. but you will hear from us again...

now we changed location again, to the lokal (also around rosenthaler platz) to the sad remains of a karaoke party. the imposing of ibiza had turned into a weird replication of ibiza. and the song selection was not so interesting. so we split, some went to climb on a roof and for some the night continued with more hardcore (more band projects were started that night) and some more hard beats...

in supamolly (jessner str.), a name witch refers to those days of autonomy and squatting in berlin when the police suspied the local scene of building tuned super molotov cocktails, there was the afterparty of some ska-concert. for one hour there was still some dancing, then the place emptied and something new had to be found. quickly passing by feuermelder, zielona gora and astro bar, it occured to me that this evening maybe should end now (it was only 5 in the morning).

but then i heard nice beats coming from the RAW (revaler str). cassiopeia was just about to close, but the RAW tempel was still hosting a great breakcore/electronic madness party. the smoke machines were turned to maximum and green lasers were darting through the fog. the beats were crazy and the audience too. a totally mixed audience by the way; psychotic ravers, atzen, fresh rockers, and so on. at some point it was too much. the toilets were flooded by water (something crashed), the boys were going mad. i couldn't focus on anything anymore. i had to leave. but it was a nice end to a weird night.

i headed for the exit. outside on the street i couldn't really walk. but i made it home :).

some tips for the next days:
tonight: in the c-base party by phenolit, during the annual chaos communication conference.
tomorrow: first results of tonights hardcore practices in the ballast der republik

Freitag, 26. Dezember 2008

electro cocktails in Tűzraktér - Budapest 31/12 2008

Well this year is already gone , some of us we have to discuss about positive feelings and some others for a lame year. Hopefully If you are currently in Budapest for holidays , staying a bit longer and so on , you will find our invitation useful. At December 31 in the night , We invite you at electro cocktails night into the multi cultural center of Tűzraktér.

Tűzraktér is a new multi space in Budapest with a gorgeous environment , nice vibes and interesting people around the different rooms and bars of the space.

The electro cocktails is one of the numerous events that will take place at the Morze infoshop , a new space on the first floor of Tűzraktér. On the new years eve , considering important to create a good environment , welcome the 2009 , we organize a bar party with electro , house , minimal , techno tunes with special guests and Djs.

Free entrance ofcourse and a free drink to people who will mention the shituationist institute_love_life_rave on .. awesome isnt ?

Morze infoshop 1st floor at

IV. ker Hegedű utca 3. and Király