Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2008

short news from Sonica Electronic music festival

Sonica is an eco friendly jurney into the future , a brainstorm of contemorary art, music and culture. It was a good surprise to see that the Sonica Festival will take place again this summer. The coordination group already announce the dates for this year. So get prepared , organize your trip and lets go to the warm south for some days of fun. The exactly dates of the festival this year 31/7 till 3/8. A diversity of djs will play also this year creating a good environment of electronic vibes , rave and contemporary arts. So far the location is not announced yet on the website of the festival , that possibly will give you a motivation to have your eyes open.

Visiting Sonica festival was always a good experience. The previous edition took place in La Specia, a small north italian city who combines gorgeous forests and the sea near by. The music line up of the past edition was more or less based in a smart combination of trance concepts with minimal , techno and other styles. For five days djs and systems from all around the world in two stages (the main stage and alternative stage) offered to the crowd their best sounds and dj skills.

This year some of the names are already announced here

*the upcoming days i will write something about my working and party experience there ..

love peace and unity


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