Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

that night in berlin city 1

like we promised... the notes from the hippie-punk concert and the other stuff in the cave below it. first there were all these left-wing students in this club, sweating (of excitement or the heat), raising their fist to this accustic music about rich people and yuppies dying in accidents. woo-ha.

it was easy to blend in, just using our basic party equipment (who said: "we will wear black until something darker is invented"? anyways, black is the right stuff to wear at any kind of action) and shouting random stuff with your fist up. the place is directly in the middle of this new trendy alternative party of city, between kreuzberg (oldschool) and neukölln (newschool). there was some kind of free festival, and since we spend our finance on "other" "stuff" we were eager to participate in this.

after some this and that, the band stopped. in berlin now everybody runs to the nearest kiosk to buy cheap drinks. we knew that so we where out first row. the place we were visiting is called "tristeza" in the pannierstraße (just go there and tell them we send you), across the street is the kiosk you need for cheap schnaps (that's, if you don't yet know it, the german word for anything harder than wine and beer). go down the street and turn left to sonnenallee and after 20 meters cross the street to the lebanon-type imbiss to buy a falafel (no, buy a halumi instead, some say it's the best food in the world), for one euro. one euro!

so this guy with the robothelmet was a friend of a friend, i don't remember the names. if you go there you will feel like everybody knows everybody. but it's not true. it's just this kind of left-wing student stuff i told you. so go there another time and you're in.

this was the pink-and-black cave. even more hot than before. during the week you can loose realy nice at the kicker, since some really pro's are playing there. that night there was some minimal techno with vocals. and as a filler some eurodance. we love that stuff. at some point we stepped out to smoke (you don't need that, they have a smokers room and a smaller non-smokers room... also berlin is not so tricky with these new laws like the rest of europe), discussing the usual stuff (if you go there just pretend you know everything about the world and politics in particular). our topic was antonio negri. we love and hate him and we have reasons for that. ok now it's getting out of topic, go there and stroll around, soon every third house will be a left wing pub, cafe or club. it's cheap and chilled and the people seem to be nice.

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