Samstag, 8. November 2008

berlin streetart 1

some streetart pics from berlin for you... the legendary (ok forget it, it's just most of the people like them) fists of CBS (the cowboys crew). they're not so active any more, at least not in painting fists... at the central train lines you still can see the year old pictures.

next is alias, also pretty famous stencil guy. has detailed stencils, if you like stencils, you might like alias... see much stuff of him in friedrichshain.

that green animal is from nano, he is from spain. berlin is a very international city also when it comes to streetart.

these little sculptures i don't remember the name are still around in the city. they look like birds, only more funky.

this big poster wall is in south friedrichshain, at a club called lovelite, you see new stuff there pretty often. used to be an oldschool spot that was very good taken care of.

the big demonic thing is also around that area.

this colourfull collage is very near the watergate and the oberbaumbrücke (if you're there also go to cuvrystrasse, it's around the corner a bit and you will see gigantic stuff of blu and others there)

that's it for today, keep the streets colourful, the cops busy and the audience thrilled, oh and if you're just watching, enjoy!

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