Sonntag, 30. November 2008

traveling around the world an amazing experience and idea?

These days I got the inspiration to write something about traveling around the world. In fact I got this inspiration from Arthur a friend of my good friend Daniel from Brazil. Arthur , originally from Brazil currently in Europe , was traveling with a bicycle the last two years around the globe. Well , we met in Athens last September when he was visiting me together with Daniel ex-baby rasta friend of mine , originally from Brazil as well, brave traveler , living and working in London.

I think it is pointless to say that this is also one of my future plans and i would love to make this dream can true as soon as possible. Until then I will just publish some pics from Arthur's traveling experience who I found in his online space , feeling really thankful to him that he allow me to publish them here.

If some of you have a similar experience and you would like to share it with a person who reall really loves traveling please write me at space.nowhere(at)

all my respect and love to my 2 Brazilian friends

for the institute : s.n in Budapest

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