Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2008

that night in athens city 1

say you come to athens and then in the middle of the night you have this desperate need for party, rave, shaking your ingredients. like you were sitting on the big rock directly below the akropolis to watch the sun go down (you have to do that). and then you go down to monastiraki and watch all the fuzz with the markets and cafes and make friends with the hippies. directly from that you move down to thissio (just follow the metro lines), buy some potato pita (that's the cheap stuff, a vegetarian pita with only freedom fries inside, costs 1,50 euros). so now continue in the direction of gazi (or like we tend to call it, the gazi strip). just follow this quiet path along the ruins towards the lighted chemins. everybody goes there, it's like the most crowded most boring area i know. it's like berlin friedrichshain without the punks or munich like with munich people...

so once you arrived there, you drift around this mob of hipsters and models and soon you will see that in the sidestreets it's far more nice. and to shorten this trip a bit, do it like we did it and get directly to the Nipiagogio.

this is your way (until the adress Κλεάνθους 8)

Größere Kartenansicht

also the metro station keramikos is a good starting point. at this adress on the map you will find a place called Nipiagogio, which means kindergarden. it's an ex-kindergarden, with a bar build in the old environment. the greek letters are ΝΗΠΙΑΓΩΓΕΙΟ, if that helps you.

this place is like warm and soft. it's hip AND a freak show, i don't know what the drinks cost, but the people were so nice and funny. it was madness, the dj was wildly switching through all electronic styles and everybody was hopping around like bunnies. they have an outside area, where we made some strange encounters. just don't go behind that curtain. i told you! yeah it's colourfull and with chalkboards and toys. you meet hippies and ravers there and communists as well as the burgeois nerds. the door people are extraordinarily nice and the barkeepers do this little show with a small drumset attached to the ceiling above the bar. awesome.

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