Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2008

berlin art 1

today we went to the opening of the berliner strassen exhibition. it's about the contemporary urban art and street culture, all the stuff influenced and coming from streetart and graffiti!

it includes art by jaybo, charlie isoe, daniel tagno, anton unai, xoooox, marok, mymo, alex flach, nomad, neon, emess.

it's really big on two floors and has a really strange athmosphere because of the oldschool architecture. they hand out a newspaper with presentations about the artists.

we don't want to show you all of the stuff here, just a short "trailer" sort of. pictures will be soon popping up on flickr anyways.

eat shit duchamp (don't know the artist), this thing was driving around and generating cheering masses of artsy hipsters.

some detail

photography by alex flach (who also has a really big post exchange with the police shown as an artwork... you have to see that to believe it)

jaybo aka monk, took us really long time to take this flick for you until this crowd moved to the side:

someone said that the real art are the crazy fancy people. maybe true.

some prints for sale, also about this nice damokles project of nomad

a 3d (real 3d, not 3d visual) bombing by neon

daniel tagno graffiti stuff and emess anti-war stuff

some dollar bills, finance crisis and so on...

anton unai, a really weird and nice room. we loved it :)

anton unai in action

ok, now go and watch this stuff. only until the 15th of november!

details here


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