Montag, 3. November 2008

continue bethinking Berliner spring vibes ?

Yeah finally ! I consider that this is a good time , to write an article about the Berliner minimal techno open air party scene.

At least , post some photos that i really like

Perhaps some of you think that Im crazy to prepare an article about spring techno parties in the beginning of the nasty north European winter?? If yeah , I just wanna remind you , the sorrowful view of the party animals, in the subway for example, with the most of them only talking about the weather and the awefull entrance cost in the next techno club.

Well I would like to spread the word that spring is coming as well as share with you three gorgeous pictures from a techno elegal soundsystem who took place in Berlin , the beginning of Spring 2008 , with only one wish ... happy faces and smiles all around our cold city.... and one expectation , more party vibes , dont let winter to occupy your mood. If you like to contribute with some information , when and where We can find some awesome parties in the city and beyond the city please feel free to contact me and send me a message on my myspace who is .

Ok! time to stop writing , open a beer and let you check the photos

@ You can easily realize our eforic mood in that party isnt ???

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